Vyy – Design and quote outdoor environments!

Människa Maskin has in co-operation with Berg och Landskap created a digital tool for designing and quote services for outdoor environments.

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Berg och Landskap are since a while back using Vyy in their day-to-day operations and the new product is now made available for additional actors within design and maintenance of outdoor environments who want to streamline their offering process as well as increase the quality of their quotes.


”Vyy enables our organization to participate in more offering processes and help us win more orders. There was no existing product on the market that could support our needs so we are very pleased to have a digital tool at our hands, tailor-made to optimize the offering process for quotes for outdoor environments. Berg och Landskap is a rapidly growing company and Vyy contributes to our continued strong growth” Says Oskar Berg, CEO and founder of Berg och Landskap.


Vyy seamlessly handles the entire process of creating a complete design as well as quotes for outdoor environments such as courtyards, public outdoor environments and private gardens both for refurbishment of existing sites and brand new projects.


The layout of the environment is created using intuitive drag-and-drop and draw functions on an existing map of the site. In parallel to the layout being shaped, Vyy is automatically calculating prices and creates a pricing table. This means as soon as the design is completed, the quote – including design, inspirational pictures and pricing table – can be exported as a PDF-file with a single click to be sent to the customer.


”We are glad to have been given the opportunity to work with one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies within design and maintenance of outdoor environments. Direct access to experts within the field throughout the process has resulted in an intuitive product that creates value in the users organization from day one.” Comments Pelle Persson, co-founder and developer at Människa Maskin.


To get more information about Vyy, book a demo or get access to a free test account please visit www.vyy.se


About Människa Maskin
Människa Maskin is a Stockholm based web and app studio creating digital products.

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About Berg och Landskap
Berg & Landskap create and maintain outdoor environments in a sustainable way. We create designs for both brand new as well as existing outdoor environments focusing on making these sites cost efficient to maintain and safe and appealing to visit.

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