Människa Maskin Launches Sine !

Sine is the surf forecasting app making sure you never miss out on a glassy day – now available for iPhone and Android.


Sine is a surf forecasting app that help surfers worldwide get more quality time in the water without having to spend more time than desired searching for, and interpreting, forecasts.


Sine features an easy-to-read surf forecast overview that tells the user within seconds from opening the app if there are good days ahead. For the advanced users detailed forecast data is available for surf spots worldwide.


Users can also activate Surf Alarms to get notifications when favorable waves, according to their own definition, are rolling in towards their favorite surf spots.



Sine lets surfers add their own Secret Spots in the app to be able to read forecasts and set up Surf Alarms for these spots as well. Secret Spots are only visible for the user who has added them and will never be published to other users.


Sine is available on the App Store and Google Play. For more information about Sine, please visit surfsine.com