Per Wixe

UX Designer & Art Director. 6+ years of experience working as UX Lead, AD and PM in a variety of projects doing user research, wireframing, visual design, prototyping and user testing.

Pelle Persson

Fullstack Developer & UX Designer. 6+ years of experience working both on startups and as a consultant at bigger companies. Often in team lead, lead developer and scrum master roles. React Native, React and NodeJS are favorites when it comes to coding.

Carl Larsson

Fullstack Developer. 6+ years of experience in developing apps for web, mobile and desktop. Solutions architect and lead developer that specializes in Python, Docker, NodeJS and React (Native).

Carl Wixe

Business Development. 6+ years of business experience working as Product Director, Business Development Director, Product Marketing Manager and Product Manager in fast-growing global company environments.